Hey, I’m Bex


I’m an animal loving, sun worshipping, turmeric latte brewing, yoga attempting copywriter, and after a decade of living abroad, I’ve been lured back to my roots. After living in the Middle East for 6 years, I returned to New Zealand and found that I was yearning for a new experience – and so here I am in the windiest city in the world. The relaxed culture, cool vibe, and incredible sunny days (be them sparse) created a scene that felt like my new beginning.

I started off as a marketing intern on ‘The Island of the Gods’. My 6-month internship finished in Bali, but I wasn’t done just yet. As time went on, I began carrying out digital media strategy, implementation and consultancy for small to medium businesses as a freelancer. Many of the brands I was working alongside were in the health industry, and so began my personal journey into yoga, fitness, health, and wellness, in body and mind.

While living in Bali seemed like a dream, I have found that a little routine, for me, goes a long way. I craved stability, which helped me make the decision to learn more about my chosen path. I now copywrite outside of my Marketing Coordinator role in Wellington for a few brilliant companies, balancing my corporate work life and a love of writing superbly. I volunteer at the SPCA every few weekends, hang out with my few close friends, eat copious amounts of breakfast foods, travel when I can, and continually strive to try new things that fuel my soul.

More recently, I have begun a new regimen to heal my gut and help my body recover from Candida overgrowth. The anti-candida diet is not only strict, it’s a learning experience that I have been experimenting with and writing about here on my blog. Send me a message if you’ve read an article you enjoyed, have a question to ask, or just feel like a chat!